Relife U-Life 30 Ecofarm 50ml


U-Life 30 ecofoam é; a product of the U-Life family, a complete line with moisturizing and keratolytic action for the treatment of dry, very dry, rough and chapped skin of specific areas of the body. U-Life is; specifically formulated with urea at different percentages and ingredients selected based on the area of application, to restore the skin barrier and the correct level of hydration on all areas of the body, including those most exposed to the aggression of external factors (face and hands) and prone to thickening of the skin (feet and elbows). U-Life 30 ecofoam (Urea 30%) keratolytic Keratolytic and moisturizing treatment for very dry areas characterized by localized skin thickening. In addition, thanks to its light texture it can; be easily applied even on large areas. Dermatologically tested. It gives the skin a smooth, healthy and soft appearance thanks to the combination of:
-Urea (moisturizing);
-Sweet almond oil (Sweet almond oil polyglyceryl-4 esters emollient and nourishing);
-Sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus seed oil moisturizing).