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Medical Botox, Donegal

Migraines, Donegal

What are migraines?

Migraines are much more debilitating than regular headaches and can cause severe pain along with other symptoms such as vomiting, sensitivity to light, vision being affected by flashing lights and tingling in the limbs.

The causes of migraines vary greatly from person to person and symptoms can be triggered by anything from stress and anxiety to eating certain foods such as chocolate. However, in many cases, migraines can occur without being triggered by something specific.

If you have been diagnosed with Migraines and treatment with Botox can provide significant improvements with your headaches without the need for oral medication. There are several approaches of treatment with Botox, therefore a consultation is crucial.

Although it’s unknown why and how Botox can help relieve migraines, studies have indicated that the substance helps the reduction in expressions of certain pain pathways.

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