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Skin Treatments, Donegal

Corrective Peels, Donegal

Corrective or Chemical peeling is one of the most popular and effective aesthetics treatments, helping patients rejuvenate and improve the overall health and appearance of the dermis. However, not all chemical peels are created equally: from the “at-home” high-street, single-active serum, to a medically-administered, medium-depth clinical peel, it can be unclear what sets an “ok” peel apart from an “incredible” peeling system. Chemical peels are generally classified as superficial, medium or deep, depending on the depth of penetration after application. A number of peeling agents are capable of achieving a range of penetration depths, depending on their percentage and method of application.

At Dr Farah’s Clinic we offer a range of corrective peels are treatments that use a range of acids to provide resurfacing to the top layers of the skin. By using acids such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, TCA we can revive and renew the complexion. These peels can be used to treat acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and work to reveal new healthy and even skintone.

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